Communication – whether visual, written, oral, or abstract – is why I get up in the morning. How people connect, reach, influence, educate, or entertain is what drives me.

Technology and the way people communicate have always been closely related. They propel each other forward. Technology shapes the way we tell stories and the way we tell stories inspires technology innovation. Right now technology has enabled more people than ever before to tell their story to a world audience, and it is this connectivity that moves the work I do.  I create integrated communication strategies that entertain, educate, enlighten, and engage.

I do that in a variety of ways, using a variety of tools, in a variety of media. The most important thing is getting the idea across, no matter what form that might take. I look at every available channel and figure out what makes sense. Whether it is a social media campaign that features short video, a new eBook delivered through a digital content campaign, reaching a specific audience at a trade show, or all of the above. I research the opportunities available, put together a strategic plan, and create.

But the journey doesn’t end there.  Each aspect of the plan has to be benchmarked and measured to be continuously optimized for success. Both brands and people (and people as brands) are vying for a louder voice. Creating the best content and refining social, digital, search, and PR strategies is the way I make sure a brand is heard.

Enjoy my small corner of the digital world.  You’ll see my resume and some of my work, both professional and academic.  And please, take a moment to connect and tell me your story.